About me

A blank page, more than two languages ​​in my head, ten fingers resting on a keyboard and someone reading what I type. But no pressure towards me of course!

I’m Alicia. I was born in Argentina and now studying in Australia for a degree in Communication and Media with audiovisual orientation.

I grew up in an environment that technology was always late and at that moment my learning happened based on different tools that today are now called “old fashion”.

Back then, imagination was the main thing to not get bored. Curiosity about learning was paramount. And I keep trying for that to happen in my life.

This is a somewhat personal and professional space for me since there is content created during my career, as well as personal material.

For example, photography content will be one of my personal shares and one of the fields in which I like to venture from time to time.

If you are still reading thanks for stopping by and I hope that my little virtual corner will contribute to you as a reader in some way or you can contribute to me through your questions or ideas that you can provide.


Los colores de Cuba

«Music, joy, and sexuality make some stages of gaps in Cuba more cheerful … It is the character of the Cuban, who is a little African, Spanish and I think that is what saves us in the long run» – Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, Cuban writer and journalist.

These are a set of images that I’ve taken while traveling around Cuba: